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If your charity qualifies and you wish to make an appeal, please send details of your request to the Appeals Manager at the address on the Contact page.


 Your appeal should consist of a maximum of two A4 pages outlining:


         -  Who you are

         -  Your charity number

         -  What work your charity does

         -  Details of the specific project for which you require funding

         -  The amount of funding you are looking for

         -  Your contact details, together with website address if you have one


Please enclose a copy of your most recent signed accounts.


The Trustees meet annually in November to approve grants.  An application must be received no later than 31 August in order for it to be considered for inclusion in the next meeting.


It is the Trustees intention that all applications will receive a reply.  However, please note that a response may not be sent until after the annual Trustees meeting and no information will be able to be given before then.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any appeal requests by telephone and all correspondence must be in writing either by email or post.

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